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  • To Live is to Give

    Have you ever heard the phrase “To Live is to Give”? The best way I know to explain the act of giving is not to focus on the magnitude of the gift you have given . . . but rather to focus on the ACT of putting someone else first.   Let’s hit on the question of Why would you want to give? Voluntee... View Post
  • Soul Renewing Rest

    One of the most underrated ways you can be living a life with meaning is to invest in soul renewing rest. Don’t ever underestimate the value of setting aside quiet time for yourself every single day. This may seem like an ill timed topic after the majority of us are just coming out of months on q... View Post
  • Pets Give Our Lives Meaning!

    Have you ever had a pet growing up? Then you must have some good stories, because when I talk about Living a Life with Meaning, you know that animals give meaning to our lives too.   In our house we call them the McLarney Menagerie, and that has included loveable pets and unlovable pets over the ... View Post