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  • Find Your Purpose

    Did you know we are built for a purpose? We are each gifted with specific things that we are good at. And there is no coincidence that the very things we are good at tie into our purpose. Purpose isn’t something we just decide, rather it’s something we discover, and then develop.   Me? I am an en... View Post
  • Make the Most of 2021

    2021 will be a year filled with possibilities and challenges, but each one of us can make it the best year yet if we resolve to live a life with meaning.    I’ve talked with so many people who are fearfully optimistic about this year. They hesitate to set new expectations for their lives for fear... View Post
  • Meaningful Friendships

    How would you describe a good friend? Someone who has your back? Someone who accepts you for who you are? Someone who encourages you to achieve your goals?   So why talk about meaningful friendships? Why is friendship so important? Because good friends enrich your life and improve your health. St... View Post