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  • Gratitude Can Improve Your Life!

    Want to know what you can be doing every single day to lead to greater happiness, help you deal with adversity and build strong relationships? Yes please!! Gratitude! It’s the quality of being thankful and having the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.   A gratitude jar or ... View Post
  • Capturing Meaningful Memories

    Want to know one of my secrets for Living a Life with Meaning? Making sure we have multiple ways to capture those precious memories. Having loved ones around us with dementia has really hit home about how easily those special moments in our mind can fade away, seemingly lost forever. But oh how a... View Post
  • Take a Joy Challenge

    I have a challenge for you today. There is no doubt we’ve all been in unsettling, life-changing circumstances so far this year. But I want to remind you to find joy in the everyday.   So what is a 30 day Joy Challenge and why would I want to do that? Let me first ask you this question: Which camp... View Post