Nonprofits We Support

These causes are near and dear to our hearts as we have personally seen the good work that each organization does. We have volunteered for each of these groups. We have had family members be the recipient of each of these causes. We invite you to check out these worthy groups and how they make a difference in the lives of people in need. And we thank you for "living a life with meaning" and allowing us to give back 10% of the purchase price (before taxes and shipping costs) of every gift sold through Style With Meaning. Each gift item will already be designated on the description page with an explanation of which nonprofit will be the beneficiary of each purchase. These charities are simply listed in alphabetical order:


Alpha - a hospitality based ministry exploring the basics of the Christian faith in a safe space where people can share their point of view, ask questions, and experience the message of the gospel and the presence of Christ in a powerful way.

Alzheimers Association - focuses on care, support and research for dementia, and ultimately to have a world without Alzheimers, which is the fifth-leading cause of death world wide.

American Cancer Society - dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem through research, education, advocacy and service.

American Heart Association - funds cardiovascular medical research and educates consumers on healthy living. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death globally.

Children's Miracle Network - raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children's health issues. The organization supports 170 hospitals, including the Kentucky Children's Hospital.

Habitat for Humanity - helping families build and improve places to call home. They believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.

Humane Society - caring for animals in need, working to end all forms of animal cruelty and helping to find homes through adoption.

Semper Fi Fund - serving all branches of the military, this nonprofit provides emergency financial assistance to post 9/11 vets who are wounded, critically ill, or were injured during their service. They also provide support to vets and their families for a smooth transition back into their communities.

* We can also offer special, limited fund raising opportunities to specific nonprofits on a case by case basis as the need arises.