Pets Give Our Lives Meaning!

Have you ever had a pet growing up? Then you must have some good stories, because when I talk about Living a Life with Meaning, you know that animals give meaning to our lives too.


In our house we call them the McLarney Menagerie, and that has included loveable pets and unlovable pets over the years. We’ve had a sweet rescue dog who loves parties and people, and a psycho cat whose favorite game was to bite the back of your heels.


We’ve had hamsters routinely escaping down three flights of stairs for days at a time, a chinchilla who moved into the elliptical machine for multi-day stay-cations, a cat who brought down the Christmas tree and a dog who brought a skunk into the house.


We’ve fed live worms to a bearded dragon and dealt with a dog who eats zippers and remote controls and print cartridges … and sharpies, and eyeglasses, and flip flops, and well you get the idea.


We’ve been brought gifts by our animals that include two week old carcasses to newly dead critters. We’ve made custom clothing for the hamsters and Halloween outfits for the dogs. We’ve named every fish in the pond, rejoiced when frogs moved in and cried when blue herons ate them all. We’ve built a ramp down the front steps for a dog with a torn ACL and we’ve spent hundreds in emergency medical bills for even the tiniest of pets (hamsters).


We’ve had countless cuddles and kisses when we’re down, joyous laughter over silly things pets do, eager greetings every time you walk in the door, foul odors emitting from these precious babies, the most adoring eyes staring up at us, messes to clean, and pure unconditional love given at all times.


We wouldn’t trade even one minute with all the animals with whom we’ve shared life. Because our pets give meaning to our lives. They round out the home. They add life. And laughter. And love. They teach kids to take responsibility for another life. They teach adults not to be so self- centered. And they teach us all about loving and caring for something totally dependent on us. Those pet babies become part of some of the greatest moments of our lives. Go an love on an animal today.


June 29, 2020 Meaningful Moment

Tracey McLarney

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