Find Your Purpose

Did you know we are built for a purpose? We are each gifted with specific things that we are good at. And there is no coincidence that the very things we are good at tie into our purpose. Purpose isn’t something we just decide, rather it’s something we discover, and then develop.


Me? I am an encourager. I am creative and organized and business minded. I’m an optimist and since I was a little girl I have always seen the best in people and in situations. My husband calls it Tracey World:)  and I knew these things about me tied into my purpose in creating this company.


Many people have found their first calling in life, some have reinvented themselves and discovered a second or third calling. Others are still searching, studies tell us the majority of folks are— if that’s you or someone you know, here are some tips for finding one’s purpose.


Take some quiet time and pray for wisdom and clarity. Make a list of all the things you are naturally good at, and another list of all the things you really enjoy doing. Then take note of any areas of crossover.


Ask your friends what your best and worst qualities are. What do they think you are most talented at? Ask your family what you loved doing as a child. These are valuable insights into things even we don’t recognize in ourselves.


Think about what you’ve been willing to work hard for and sacrifice for in your life. Also think about what you know you would not be willing to do, no matter what. Consider your own boundaries in terms of your ethics and integrity. Pursuing your goals will never be easy, so it helps if you are thoughtful about these kinds of issues.


If you are willing to work hard to become great at something, without compromising yourself and your values, then that activity is probably a key to your purpose.


The next big step is to stop thinking about it and go do something. Taking action toward something meaningful to us, even a little bit every single day, will ultimately help you uncover your true purpose. And when you move into living out your purpose and not just thinking about it, life becomes so much more fun and meaningful.


There is real joy in discovering and pursuing what we are meant to do. My prayer for you is to find the meaning in your life and then go out and live a life with meaning every day!


September 30, 2020 Meaningful Moment

Tracey McLarney


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