The day has finally arrived to make my big announcement: after over a year of dreaming and planning and working, I am officially launching a new e-commerce business called StyleWithMeaning.com!

This is so much more than just a company - it is a God-given passion to share all the ways one can find meaning in life and then live a life with meaning. Through this endeavor, we aspire to be a business that focuses on helping those in need, living with joy, being grateful every day, discovering new ways to give to others, encouraging those around us, spending meaningful moments together and capturing life’s memories ... in short, to be intentional about living a life with meaning.

My professional life has been spent running highly successful non-profit organizations/ministries where my job was making big things happen for little money. I always start with a big vision, and implement creative strategies to turn out an amazing end product on a cost efficient budget. That is important with this business because I don't believe you have to spend a fortune to give a truly meaningful gift. Having an artist’s eye, I always try to bring the most stylish options of design to both my exclusive products and my curated products. And having a special place in my heart for building relationships, I have focused on making many of our products interactive so that two or more can work together to accomplish a meaningful moment in time.

In my personal life I have always savored the opportunity to choose gifts that encourage others, and that are purposeful and personal. This business has given me the ability to focus on creating a singular place someone can come to easily find extraordinary options of these types of gifts!

Starting this business is something I have felt led to do and has been a beautiful creative outlet to offset caregiving for my family, most especially several parents with dementia. Everything at this stage in my life is all about living a life with meaning and doing something worthwhile that makes a difference in my corner of the world. At Style With Meaning every gift selection will be meaningful in its own right in terms of something that takes on a special significance to the loved-upon recipient, but as importantly, 10% of the purchase of every product will give back to people and animals in need. That is what we call a win/win business plan and something we can put our heart and soul into doing! Thank you for supporting this vision and this way of life. We are officially open for business so please check us out and share us with your friends!

Meaningfully yours,

Tracey McLarney, Founder/Owner, Style With Meaning and the "Live a Life With Meaning" Trademark



  • Posted by Liz Maybriar on

    Sissy!! I can see your precious heart and soul for God in this entire endeavor. Congratulations!!!

  • Posted by Maureen Sloan on

    So excited for this creative and kind venture! Bless you!

  • Posted by Ellen Scott on

    How exciting and fitting for you at this time in your life!
    He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it …….. Congratulations Tracey!!!

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