Five powerful ways to create Meaningful Moments with those you love

We all lead such insanely busy lives these days and it can be challenging to find ways to really connect with one another in a meaningful way. And to further complicate the issue, it is just downright expensive to have a night out for dinner and a movie or a family trip to the nearest theme park. So we've come up with five powerful ways to create Meaningful Moments with those you love without spending a fortune.


#1 We can find great meaning from those who came before us - our parents and grandparents, our older relatives, our elderly neighbors, our senior co-workers - in short anyone with more trips around the sun. What is the secret to uncovering those treasures of wisdom and knowledge? Simply take the time to ask questions and then listen closely. Soak up those moments whenever you can. Ask for details. Let them share their stories. Engage and show them the respect they are due. They have a legacy of love to share with those who are willing to invest the time and interest to dig deep. (Keep an eye out for our newest product in production, the Legacy of Love Keepsake Kit designed to help you capture those memories before they start to fade.)


#2 Make it a point in your home to focus on the importance on giving to others. It’s not the magnitude of the gift you have given . . . it’s the fact that you’ve put someone else first. There are numerous ways to give, so talk with your household and share the daily ways each person can make a difference in the lives of others, regardless of age, income, or circumstances. Explain that a toddler sharing a toy can be a gift as much as an adult paying for the person behind them in line. Making cards for soldiers at your birthday party can be as meaningful as offering kindness to a grumpy customer service worker. The point is to be intentional every single day and then share those successes with your family and friends as a way to challenge and inspire one another to keep finding new ways to give. (Check out our Giving Jars as a simple yet beautiful interactive tool to use in your home as a reminder that To Live is to Give!)

Young girls making cards to send to soldiers overseas.


#3 Work together to create something that didn’t exist before. There is something so meaningful about helping another - especially a child -  make a gift for themselves or someone they love. The combination of time spent together, a little creativity and a heavy dose of fun, all sprinkled with love can result in a keepsake that will be treasured by all! The possibilities are endless as to what you can do together. Bake and decorate cookies, plant flowers in a garden or a pot, design a scavenger map of meaningful landmarks in the neighborhood or do something more lasting like create a piece of art with crayons, colored pencils or fabric paints. Whatever you do, have fun and create special memories with the people in your life, and help them create something meaningful in the process. (Our Precious Prints Keepsake Kit comes with everything you need to accomplish this easily!)

 Grandmother and grandchild creating handprint art on fabric aprons and tote bags.

 #4 Share your interests and passion with a child. Take them to a museum or a concert or a library and explain to them what it is that speaks to your soul when you look at art or learn about a part of history or hear a selection of music or read a piece of literature. Ask what about it speaks to them. Get a conversation going. Pass on to the next generation what it is that ignites your passion and fuels your curiosity and you will be sharing a moment so meaningful that it can help shape the way they look at future events. Give them something personal to remember that moment in time so that for years to come they can't help but think of you when they experience that art again!

Two girls looking at a Renior painting of two girls.


 #5 Spend time with those close to you to express what you are thankful for on a daily basis. Life gets busy and sometimes it’s hard to get the necessities accomplished before your head hits the pillow each night. But taking a few moments to reflect on the blessings that roll along side those challenging times can make all the difference in your perspective on the day. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that instantly washes away stress and tension. We are often too quick to forget the day-to-day moments; there is a power in writing something down that helps us hold on to the experience. And what better gift can you give than teaching those around you how important it is to maintain an attitude of gratitude no matter the circumstances you are facing?! (Link to our Gratitude Jar and note pad to provide you with an easy and stylish way to capture grateful moments and meaningful memories to help our hearts give thanks.)


So to recap here are our suggestions for five of the most powerful ways you can create Meaningful Moments with those around you:

*Seek and receive wise counsel from your elders. Ask what their best advice is given your situation as well as what they think are the most important building blocks of a meaningful life well-lived.

*Focus on finding new ways to give to others and share the stories with your household each night.

*Work to create something special together, doing some activity where you spend quality time and are left with a meaningful keepsake to hold on to that memory.

*Share specifics with the next generation about what you find so special with respect to art, history, music and literature.

*Be intentional about expressing gratitude every day and inspiring others to look for the smallest of blessings in our lives.

If you are very astute, you’ll notice one common denominator in all of these is time. One of the most important ways you Live a Life With Meaning™ is to give of yourself and your time. It is a valuable resource that can cost nothing but be priceless to those who receive that gift.


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