Precious Prints Keepsake Kit - Painted Aprons & Totes for Kids & Pets (EXCLUSIVE)

Want a fun activity to do with children of all ages that creates “meaningful moments” and leaves you with a keepsake gift to treasure forever? Or perhaps you want to create special painted prints with your pet(s). You could go one step further and design an incredible piece of wearable art that combines your fur babies and your human babies! This Precious Prints Kit includes everything you will need:

  • One white cotton apron with front pocket, 30.3” x 25.6”, one size fits all adults
  • One white cotton tote bag
  • Set of twelve colors of non-toxic, washable fabric paint (adheres to the fabric but washes easily off little hands)
  • Paint tray and three paint brushes
  • One black permanent marker
  • Two piece plastic heart stencil to create meaningful designs
  • Piece of plastic drop sheet for mess containment
  • Design and idea sheet with instructions and fun ideas that the kids in your life can paint using their precious hand prints and fingerprints! Help them create a meaningful gift for someone they love!

By supporting this company, you make a difference and Live a Life With Meaning™. Part of every purchase gives back to people in need. Ten percent of the purchase price of this item goes to the American Heart Association!

  • $39.00
  • $39.00