Jar of Joy Porcelain and 30 Day Joy Challenge (EXCLUSIVE)

This hand painted two piece porcelain jar (6.3"x 4.5"x 5.5") with the Chinese word “Happiness" or "Joy” inscribed on it serves as a visual decorative reminder to live joyfully.

Inside the jar find our exclusive 30 Day Joy Challenge! It consists of thirty painted individual wooden tokens (1.5" in diameter) thoughtfully prepared with specific directives to help you live with a sense of well being. Each day you reach into the Jar of Joy and pull out a new token. You will carry that token with you in your pocket or purse until you have completed that day’s challenge.

After going through the 30 tasks, take the time to reflect on your accomplishments, congratulate yourself on completing the Joy Challenge and then go one step further. Log into the website stylewithmeaning.com/stories and share your favorite story and your best suggestion(s) for a joyful task. Then receive a certificate of completion for intentionally Living a Life With Meaning!

Each time you go through the Joy Challenge you will have a different experience of showing kindness to people, animals, yourself and the environment. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

By supporting this company, you make a difference and Live a Life With Meaning. Part of every purchase gives back to people in need. Ten percent of the purchase price of this item goes to the Alzheimers Association!

  • $39.00
  • $39.00